Friday, June 3, 2011

Trumbo-Bourjos signing 6/11

#25 Peter Bourjos
??#44 Mark Trumbo??
Metro PCS is hosting Peter Bourjos and Mark Trumbo Saturday June 11. But Trumbo is booked to be at the OC Dugout in Anaheim. I will look into this. Its not the first time something like this happened. Last year something similar happened and the player was replace with someone else. When I find out more information I will post it up. Here goes the location and time...

11:30- 1:00
Sat. June 11
Merto PCS
2307 S. Bristol Street, Suite B
Santa Ana, California
Tel. 714-730-2876
* one autograph per person


  1. Yeah I wonder what's going on? I was at O.C dugout today and purchased a ticket for Trumbo for the 11th. I would love to get both of those guys.


  2. I just got an email from Brian at O.C. dugout and he told me that Mark Trumbo and Trevor Bell will be at O.C. Dugout from 11-1. They have signed contracts with both. Also he says that he has contacted the agents for Bourjos and Trumbo and neither no anything about the Metro PCS event. It looks like O.C. dugout is going to bring legal action against Metro PCS. He said if you call Metro PCS in Santa Ana, you will get very vague and shady answers from employees who claim to know nothing about the situation.
    Sorry for the long post. That's the last update I got.

  3. Thanks for the info...sorry I have not commented. I had sooo much trouble to log in. But thee funniest thing is I can publish a post but couldnt comment on anything. I hope you made out good with this signing.

  4. Saturday worked out great! I arrived at O.C. dugout about 7:30 and was like the 5th in line. Trumbo got there at 940 and we were let in at like 10. Trumbo was a real cool guy. Then I made it 2 metro pcs at 10:30 for Trumbo/Bourjos. Was out of there by 12:30.
    I seen your Conger pics - looks like a great event........ I wonder when Aybar is going to sign or if living spaces is done with him.

    Halos finally with a Win last night! Wells with 3 hits - about time!

  5. Everyone in line was asking the same question on Aybar. Congrats on your autos. It was a busy Saturday.