Tuesday, October 19, 2010

  A little about me....My name is Alex. I have been an Angels fan for a while. My family are Dodger fans, so I grew up watching them. But the Dodgers have nothing to root for, since Fernando left. My boss had season tickets to the Angels. He would give me some from time to time. So that is when I stared to follow the Angels. This started maybe around 2000. I don't want to be fake and say I have been a fan since I was a little kid. I started to be a TRUE FAN around then.
   I have a lot of autographs from Angels players. My  t.v. room (man cave) have them on display. I don't mind standing in line waiting on an autograph. I meet a lot of great people in line. We share information and  knowledge of baseball.  I have collected quite a bit. Everyone from Kendrick, Abreu, Aybar, Rivera, Napoli, and Hunter. I really have trouble with getting pitchers. But I hope next year will be better.
  My goal here is to put a spin on things related to the Angels. I want to share what I know and maybe someone can share with me. Thanks