Monday, February 14, 2011

66ers appreciation celebration

 Mr. Reagins
 Mr. Gamboa- new Manager of the 66ers
Now it's official the 66ers are now affiliated with the Angels, as single "A" minor team. I had the chance to attend the 66ers celebration. There was a great turn out.  At the gate, they were giving away bobbleheads and hats. Also food vouchers which included a hot dog, chips and a soda. Tony Reagins and Mike Scioscia were on hand and to say a few words. The city of San Bernardino seemed to happy to have the Angels affiliated with the 66ers. The owners and coaches were very eager to start the season. And often compared the winning record of the Angels former affiliation (The Quakes).  The 66ers have a rich history. As Felix Herandez and future Hall of Fame Ken Griffey Jr. played in that field.  Add the fact, the Angels have a good eye for talent in there farm system. This has the makings of a very exciting year in the minors. And a big plus Mike Scioscia signed autographs for fans. This made it a great event. I do plan to attend games out in San Bernardino. They do offer amazing specials and give aways.  Which make it worth while to drive out there.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Veron Wells

 I  had a chance to attend the Veron Wells Press Conference. I really enjoyed it. There was a chance to meet top Angels brass (Mr. Moreno, Mr. Reagins, Mr. Hatcher). At first, there was no one in the seats. But near the time, it filled up quick. A great turn out. Mr. Torii Hunter also was in hand to greet the new player. I was about to leave, when Veron Wells came by to sign autographs. He is a real nice guy. The media bashed him on the trade from Toronto. More on what the Angels did to get him. But in my opinion...."The Angels needed to do something this off-season. And if you are a true fan, you will root for Mr. Wells. As for now he is official a Angels outfielder".  If he can play aggressive and stay healthy. I think Wells will do good this season.