Thursday, March 31, 2011

FanFest at Angels Stadium

Sorry so late with pictures and comments of this event. I have been extremely busy. I arrived around 10 to FanFest. There were 4 long lines in different areas for autographs. There were not too many vendors or rides for kids. But the few vendors that were there, had great stuff on display. And the giveaways were great also. If  there were more rides for kids, it would've been a Home Run.  There was a huge turnout, in the event and in front of the stadium. The crowd grew by every passing hour till game time. The security guards held sign of the point where people where not guaranteed autographs. So, if you were behind that sign...No chance. Angels Staff were ready to take away the players, when it reached that point. I do understand there is a game to be played, but the players could have signed a few more. I was disappointed with the tickets. More the explanation of the tickets. I purchased tickets through the Angels website. It stated $5 general admission. To my surprise, I need to enter FanFest...Stand in line to exchange my tickets, for vouchers. Then stand in another line to exchange my vouchers for game tickets. I was dizzy getting a run around.  But I put it all aside. Once I entered the stadium....I felt like I was home. I had some nachos and a cold one, everything got better. The game was very exciting. And I cant wait to the season starts!!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Erick Aybar at West Coast Customs

I was watching Inside West Coast Customs. I saw Aybar name on the wall. Which they do for their clients and a clock to show there deadline. Looking around in the web and found some pictures of his new ride. I like the touch of Aybar's signature in the seats. I dont think they will  make an episode on this ride. But its nice that Angel players have style in their rides.

Jim Abbott appearance

A fun event to go to.  For more information and to reserve a seat call  714-621-0101.

Sunday, March 13, 2011


Torii Hunter at a game
Erik Aybar at Frank and Sons
Juan Rivera also at Frank and Sons
Mike Napoli at an AT&T store
Maicer Izturis at a game
Kevin Frandsen
Howie Kendrick another AT&T store
Bobby Abreu
Mr. Scioscia at a Howards T.V.
Kevin Jepsen
Kendrick at a home game
Since baseball season has not really started. I thought of posting up photos from autograph signings of last year. I enjoyed myself waiting in line. I have met great people in line.