Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bourjos-Walden-Chatwood signing

Jordan Walden

Peter Bourjos

Tyler Chatwood
O C Dugout is hosting Jordan Walden, Peter Bourjos, and Tyler Chatwood. On Saturday May 21, from 11:00-12:30. The prices are $20 small, $30 for large items per player. Or all three players for $50. Which is a good price. I will be posting more autograph opportunities, when I come across any. You can reach them on through the website  or call 714-318-1605
Oc Dugout
1238 S Beach Blvd
Anaheim, Ca 92804

Halo Power

Boston fans everywhere
I could not believe what I saw at Angels Stadium last Sunday. Boston fans everywhere!! Even asking for autographs from Angel players. The mood was so different. The crowd didn't cheer or get up form thier seats to root a player on. I went to grab something to eat and heard cheers from the crowd, to find out it was for Boston. That is sad. I'm a Angels fan through thick and thin. It seemed that Angel fans did not show up. I sounded like a lunatic, cheering my team on. True Angel fans should be in the stands cheering. And out number their opponents fans. Things should not be all crazy or get out of hand. But the visiting team is coming to our house. And we as Angel fans should be there to show support. This is a great team, great environment, great food, excellent promotions and giveaways, good prices on beer. What more do you need to show up to a game and support the Angels. Thank you for hearing me out.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Angel game Easter Sunday

Jason Bulger

Ervin Santana

Nice Seats

Bob Boone-California Angel Catcher (1982-1988)
I didnt get anything thing from the Easter Bunny but....scored on Angels tickets! Which is even better than a tooth ache. Everything was last minute. But I'm lucky to have a backpack ready to get some autographs. I arrived ten minutes till the gate opened. But shocked on how many Boston fans were there ( I will save that for another topic on my blog). I was able to get autographs from Francisco Rodriguez, Jason Bulger, and Ervin Santana. Then it started to drizzle.  They pushed the start time back a couple of minutes. The grounds keepers pulled the tarp out, but the drizzle let up. So they rolled it back. I had great seats, more so with the weather. It was field level but underneath the second deck. Mr. Bob Boone threw the first pitch. He signed autographs after the 2nd inning. I didn't make it in time, but got to take pictures. You must arrive early to get in line. I will post a line up of "Special Guests" that are going to throw the first pitch. I usually find out a day or two before the next home stand. I only stayed for a couple of innings. Since it was last minute, I pushed my plans up to see the majority of the game. It felt great being at Angels Staduim. And I plan to attend more games this year.

66ers Giveaway 4/23

I attended the 66ers Ken Griffey Jr. Spirit bobble head night. I arrived early to get a good place in line. But there were about 20+ already there. As the time drew closer to the opening of the gates, more fans showed up. The turnout wasn't to great. There was maybe 200+ by the opening.  I enjoyed talking to the devoted 66ers fans. They had great stories of  Griffen Jr. and others who played there.  I grabbed a program and got 11 autographs. The players are cool and laid back. And did not shy away from giving autographs. It was a cool evening and I couldn't stay to long since my son wasn't feeling well. When I left the 66ers were behind 4-0. The Bakersfield Blaze had a good line up. That 3rd inning impressed me, on their talent. But the 66ers tried to come back and lost to the Blaze 8-2. Once again I plan to go back. I always have a great time there.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Angels Concert Series

The Angels have set the bar high this season. They have announced a line up this week, that will suit anyone and everyone. This will happen after the game "Post Game". The stage is to be placed on or close to the in-field dirt.  And facing toward home plate.

June 11- Taio Cruz
July 9- Dierks Bentley
August 6- Ludacris
August 20- MerceyMe
September 3- Ne-Yo

Howie Kendrick Signing

Saturday, April 23 · 11:30am - 1:00pm

N3L Optics

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Meet Howie Kendrick, here, at N3L Optics on April 23rd. See the debut of the 2011 Oakley MLB Flak Jacket XLJ. Mark your calendar!

I'm not to sure if I will make this event. But happy to share this info to whoever is interested. Thanks