Monday, April 25, 2011

66ers Giveaway 4/23

I attended the 66ers Ken Griffey Jr. Spirit bobble head night. I arrived early to get a good place in line. But there were about 20+ already there. As the time drew closer to the opening of the gates, more fans showed up. The turnout wasn't to great. There was maybe 200+ by the opening.  I enjoyed talking to the devoted 66ers fans. They had great stories of  Griffen Jr. and others who played there.  I grabbed a program and got 11 autographs. The players are cool and laid back. And did not shy away from giving autographs. It was a cool evening and I couldn't stay to long since my son wasn't feeling well. When I left the 66ers were behind 4-0. The Bakersfield Blaze had a good line up. That 3rd inning impressed me, on their talent. But the 66ers tried to come back and lost to the Blaze 8-2. Once again I plan to go back. I always have a great time there.

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