Monday, April 25, 2011

Angel game Easter Sunday

Jason Bulger

Ervin Santana

Nice Seats

Bob Boone-California Angel Catcher (1982-1988)
I didnt get anything thing from the Easter Bunny but....scored on Angels tickets! Which is even better than a tooth ache. Everything was last minute. But I'm lucky to have a backpack ready to get some autographs. I arrived ten minutes till the gate opened. But shocked on how many Boston fans were there ( I will save that for another topic on my blog). I was able to get autographs from Francisco Rodriguez, Jason Bulger, and Ervin Santana. Then it started to drizzle.  They pushed the start time back a couple of minutes. The grounds keepers pulled the tarp out, but the drizzle let up. So they rolled it back. I had great seats, more so with the weather. It was field level but underneath the second deck. Mr. Bob Boone threw the first pitch. He signed autographs after the 2nd inning. I didn't make it in time, but got to take pictures. You must arrive early to get in line. I will post a line up of "Special Guests" that are going to throw the first pitch. I usually find out a day or two before the next home stand. I only stayed for a couple of innings. Since it was last minute, I pushed my plans up to see the majority of the game. It felt great being at Angels Staduim. And I plan to attend more games this year.

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