Sunday, June 12, 2011

Saturday 6/11 Signing Recap

 I arrived to the Bourjos-Trumbo signing around 6 a.m. It started as a small turnout. I guess of the overcast people didn't arrive until 9. I was impressed on how Metro PCS organized the line. I wish they handle every line like that. Then again I was in front of the line, with my friend Pete. I didn't see people taking cuts or having issues in line. Ritmo 98.3 was on hand playing music and giving away Angel tickets. Bourjos arrived early. Trumbo arrived a little late. But was expected since he did have a previous signing at the OC Dugout. Trumbo did get there late for that event and everyone figured he would not make it to Metro PCS in time or at all. But Trumbo is a man of his word. He made a lot of people happy, doing two signings in one day. I got my autograph and off to the races to make it to another signing.

 I figured out the time and distance I wouldn't make it to the OC Dugout for Trevor Bell. I went for Hank Conger at 300 Anaheim bowling alley. There was no wait to get his autograph. Which makes this fun, you had a chance to talk to him and take a couple of pictures. Which is relaxing, not being rush out of the store. I did talk to management, and they said they plan to have more signings. This will be fun place to have a event. The day was long but had a great time meeting up with old friends. Hope to see them again on the next signing.
Bourjos arriving

Well organized

Trumbo and Bourjos

Hank Conger

Got to bring the family too 300 to bowl.


  1. Very nice!

    I heard parking for the Conger event was $12. Was that the case?

  2. No. The first hour is free. I parked at a strip mall and rushed over there. It was a long walk. I walked in and out.