Monday, June 6, 2011

Leeann Tweeden and Jocelyn Pierce

  I know everyone has seen those commercials of the stadium giveaways with Billy Mack and Leeann Tweeden. Also Angels Weekly have Jocelyn Pierce, but as of  lately is seen less of.  I think this is a great move by the Angels.  I know Leeann and Jocelyn are great eye candy, but its great to see a female representing the Angels. With an addition of a female will spice up the broadcasting staff.  She could have a minor role of pre or post game interviews and highlights. But to fill these shoes will be hard. First she needs to be an Angels fan. Second she has to know the game, not to be a genius but enough to add to the commentary. I would like to hear other opinoins on this topic. Feel free to comment here or on facebook. Thanks.

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