Thursday, June 23, 2011

First pitch lineup 6/27-7/10

6/27-Dave Frost-(1978-1981)    
6/28- Dan Ardell-(1961)
6/29- Mike Fitzgerald-(1992)
Couldn't find him in a Angels uniform
7/1 Fernando Valenzuela- to Mike Scioscia  

7/2-Garret Anderson-(1994-2008)
7/3-Cylde Wright-(1966-1973)
7/4-Scott Spiezio-(2000-2003)  
7/5-Fred Martinez-(1980-1981)    
7/7- Don Asae-(1978-1982,1984)
7/8-Jim Edmonds-(1993-1999) 
7/9-Willie Fraser-(1986-1990)
7/10-Bryan Harvey-(1987-1992)                 
**sneak peek-Nolan Ryan is on the next lineup**  



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