Monday, April 9, 2012

AM 830/ Opening Day

 I attended the AM 830 broadcast in front of the stadium Friday. I thought it would be a shot to score some tickets or get an autograph, if they had a guest on the air. To my surprise they only gave out two pairs of tickets for Opening Day. Then Artie Moreno was a guest but phoned in. The only luck I had was the free coffee and sweet bread from the Katella Grill. Roger Lodge was very entertaining and did hype the crowd up. But I left disappointed, since they always give out things in the past. After the broadcast I left and walked around.
 I noticed a stage in front of the stadium. As I got closer it was ESPN stage for Baseball Tonight. Around back there was rows of satellite trucks. All eyes were on the Angels for Opening Day. I didn't want to come home empty handed, or nothing to talk about. I waited to see the "Man" Pujols arrive. The media were also waiting. I was able to get Chris Iannetta's autograph. He was dropped off and walked up to everyone and signed. Mark Trumbo and Rich Thompson also signed for fans. After a while Pujols showed up. Everyone cheered as he entered the stadium. I was glad to be there for that moment.
 I did meet great people waiting around. Two guys from Bakersfield another from Utah. Devoted fans that came into town just for Opening Day. I wished I remembered their names. Also got to meet some "regulars" that knew me from "Think Red Instead". It was good to hear their input about this blog. In all it was a good day even though I never had tickets for Opening Weekend.

Roger Lodge "Live" on KTLA Ch.5

Chris Iannetta

Albert Pujols arriving

Media Trailers

Espn's stage

Baseball Tonight

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  1. That sounds like a lot of fun! I've always wanted to go to one of the press conferences or other events under the hats, but all the fun free stuff happens when I'm working and I make it just in time for the games.

    - Kristen