Monday, April 23, 2012

2012 Fan Fest recap

 I attended the 2012 Fan Fest. This year they had a different setup. The autograph section was the main event. Since it was a secret, it was any ones guess who will be signing. I stood in one line with my friend Art and my wife and son in another. When the players arrived, it turned into a "Love Connection" event. Everyone wishing for their favorite player to sit in their line.  Bobby Abreu and LaTroy Hawkins where in my line. Since I have numerous items signed by Abreu. I got his auto for a friend. Hawkins signed a ball for me but signed it different than what I have seen before. My wife and son had Kendrys Morales and Alberto Callaspo. They got them to sign a ball and a mini helmet. After the active players signed Angels alumni took over. I passed on that round to enjoy Family Time.
 There was commotion within the lines, people trading spots. The lines didn't get longer but got wider in the front. Angels Stadium is known to have control of their lines, but lack this time around. It seemed security had no clue. 
 We walked around to see what else was going on at Fan Fest. My son threw some baseballs and got a Chia Pet Rally Monkey. (A stadium giveaway from last year). I got my son a Angels Kids Club Pack. It included a hat, lanyard and vouchers for two free games and other discounts and goodies. There was many booths giving a chance to win tickets or other prizes throughout. A silent auction had game used memorabilia, everything from jerseys to cleats. Famous Dave's BBQ Shack gave out food and coupons. There was many things to see and do this year. But not too many food vendors.
 On the main stage Victor Rojas and Jose Mota interviewed players. It seemed the whole team came out to join in the Fan Fest activities this year.  I got lucky for a photo opportunity with Alex Curry from Angels Weekly along with Corinne and Asha from the Fox Sports West Girls. I enjoyed this years event and cant wait for next year.

Line for autographs

A view from the Coors Light Bus

Another view from up top

Kendrys Morales and Alberto Callaspo

Bobby Abreu and LaTroy Hawkins

Jim Abbott

Mike Witt

Garrett Anderson

Chuck Finely

Clyde Wright

Alex Curry- Angels Weekly

Asha and Corinne- Fox Sports West


  1. I was there on Sunday. I ended up getting Abreu, Hawkins, Aybar, Izturis, Abbott, Gubizca and Finley.

    The whole thing was unorganized, and much worse than last year. They need to start doing some kind of timed station method like other fanfests.

    Overall it was a good day though. i left with some good autos and swag too.

  2. So true, all at one shot is crazy. They should have cut the line quicker. I would be pissed wait all that time for nothing.Im glad you made out good. I got what I wanted, Morales and Callaspo. Hard to get in my book. Wilson, Weaver, Haren are high on my list. Its my goal this year. Hope to meet you on the next one.