Monday, March 26, 2012

Fan Fest 2012

 Angels Fan Fest 2012 will be on Sunday, April 22- 7am - 1pm. It may be the same set up like last year. The only thing different is this ticket is for Fan Fest only. Previously it included a game. So if you plan to stay you need to buy a ticket to watch the game. As for autographs, it will be any ones guess who will sign. It seems like they grab any player. Cart them in to sign quick and send them back to practice. Angels stadium is strict with their lines. They will cut off lines, after a certain number of people. With patience you can get alot of autographs.
 They plan to have live music and activities. And a photo opp. with the famous Rally Money. The tickets are $6.50 and are on sale right now. I hope this information will help on planning your day at Fan Fest. If you have any question feel free to ask. Thanks.

* I have posted some pictures of last years Fan Fest.
Here is picture of the autograph stations

Its the luck of the draw on who will sign. So you need to be ready.

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  1. what time do you think the player will start signing? I know the event start at 7 am but I think only the 5k is going on that early...Thanks!