Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My Lucky Streak- Angels Signings

Once I left the Scioscia/ Trumbo signing. I headed to the stadium to get more autographs. I was on a lucky streak. I was the first one there but the pros came out in full force. They knew who drove what car, so that helped out to get something ready for them to sign. Hank Conger was the first one to sign, through a small hole in the bushes. Then Jordan Walden came out to sign, I asked him to put All-Star. He looked at me confused, but laughed because I reminded him that he was. He even posed for pictures. Mark Aadsma from Seattle also came out to sign. It was weird he was hanging out in the Angels parking lot. The Pros got Chone Figgins and Adam Kennedy at another entrance. They said one autograph is good but three is rare. I left very happy.
 My day was not done. I went to a 66ers game to get the Dan Haren bobblehead. I had a great Saturday!

Jordan Walden 2011 All-Star

My boy with J.Walden
Peek-a-boo with Hank Conger
Hank Conger again

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