Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mothers Day Game/ Bengie Molina signing

Former Angels catcher Bengie Molina #1
 I surprised my wife with tickets to an Angels game for Mothers Day. We arrived early and got some autographs. I got Scott Downs and Fernando Rodney's autograph. I went to stand in line for the Bengie Molina signing. At first it looks disorganized but the Angels staff have it down. They limit it to 100. Which is good since a game is still being played. The staff pass wristbands with numbers and are told to be back after the 2nd inning. Getting back in line you are placed by your number. Well organized. I was happy to get Molina's autograph and seeing him back in Angel red. I also got a quick autograph from Tim Salmon. I was caught off guard, but he signed my son's hat.
 When we got back to our seats. I was blown away on how many people were in attendance. That put a smile to my face seeing all that Angel Pride out there. Hearing the crowd roar when the Rally Monkey came out. You felt the electricity. I think the players felt it also. They made an amazing comeback. And Mike Scioscia getting his 1000th win, made this game very special. I'm glad of being apart of it.
  I would like to wish all the Mothers and Grandma's out there a Happy Mothers Day. Thank you.
A great turnout

Fernando Rodney

Tim Salmon

Bengie Molina signing autographs


  1. What section of the stadium do they sign? I'm going on the 24th for Kendrys Morales bobblehead.

  2. It's behind the rocks (center field). Remember it is limited to a 100. Thanks for looking.

  3. Is that the same for all the players that throw out the 1st pitch? Nice blog. Go Halos!

  4. As far as I know, "yes". I will look into it to make sure at every home game