Saturday, May 7, 2011

Erik Aybar signing bust....

I attended the Erick Aybar signing at Living Spaces in Irvine. I arrived around 6. To my surprise I was the third car in the parking lot. Since this event started at 10, I assumed that a huge surge of people to show up at one time. That never really happened. There was 60 people in line. The nice people at Living Spaces opened up early to let everyone in. They had  fresh brewed coffee and  cookies. A nice treat and felt welcome to be there. Around 11....we received the bad news that Mr. Aybar cancelled due to a family emergency. The employees of Living Spaces apologized and took everyone's name to get priority in line. They were not sure if or when he might rescheduled. I will make a post, if I find any information on a reschedule.

People waiting patiently

Patience running thin.


  1. I am so glad I didn't drive the 80 miles for this. The same thing happened with Ron Artest a few weeeks ago. I spent so much money in gas, Icould have bought five Artest autographs on ebay with that money!

  2. This is a first for me. But the people of Living Spaces made you feel comfortable, so it wasnt too bad. I feel for you on the Artest thing. Did you go to the reschudule? The poeple at Living spaces took down my name and promised us "special treatment" on a reschudule. I wonder if they do hook it up? Cross my fingers!