Saturday, April 27, 2013

Memorabilia Sale Recap

 I attended the Memorabilia Sale at Angels Stadium and was impressed on how well it was set up. The season ticket holders went first. Which I thought all the good items will be gone when it was open to the public. But I was wrong. It was limited to three items, which made things fair for everyone. It was smaller than the yard sale event they had in the previous years, but still had great bargains.
 When it was my chance, I went to the autographed baseballs. They had cases of baseballs of past players, like Vernon Wells, Brandon Wood, Hisanori Takahashi. There was a good amount of jerseys, and batting helmets to look through. What really caught my eye was autograph 8x10's. Which I picked up a couple. They had other clearance items from the team store.
 I paid for my items and returned to take photos for this blog. The Angels staff saw that there wasn't a line anymore, so they lifted the three item rule. Which put many people at ease. This was a great event and hope they have these every year.

The line

folding chair cushions

Signed baseballs

Locker name plates

signed 8x10's

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