Sunday, January 15, 2012

Recap of the Joyner and Percival appearance

 I made a road trip to Big League Dreams in Perris, California with my family. Since it was a grand opening, there was a good turnout. Every field had a game going on. 
 My son had a great time. They had two big playgrounds and set up games for kids. A clown showed up later to do face painting. They gave out mini bats, hot dogs and ice cream to everyone.
 At the ribbon cutting ceremony, I got the chance for autographs. I was glad to get them because Percival and Joyner had to leave early. Jason and Jeremy Giambi made an appearance along with Dodger Alumni (I was not to familiar of who they were). The Giambi brothers sat down and signed autographs.
 In all this was a fun event. It was great to see old friends and make new ones. I hope this year there will be good events to attend. Thanks to Big League Dreams for hosting this event.

Wally Joyner

Troy Percival

My Son and Jason Giambi

The "clubhouse"

They have a field that looks like Angels Stadium

The line was not to bad.
The Giambi Brothers signing


  1. Nice recap - seems like the former players were very accomodating as far as signing / taking pictures.

  2. Very cool! Jason Giambi showed up, huh? That's cool. Is there any way to find out which Dodgers showed up?

  3. Robert told me of one, but I will find out.