Saturday, August 6, 2011

Aybar / Kendrick Signing Recap 8/6

 I first attended the Erick Aybar signing. I arrived around 6 am and maybe 20th in line. The line grew around 9-10. It wrapped around the building. The Metro PCS staff that handle autograph signings were on hand and reworked the line. Aybar arrived early. He started to sign before the 11:30 start time. I was in and out real quick. Then off to the races to the Kendrick signing.

Raffle items on display
Art and Howie Kendrick
   Howie Kendrick had a steady stream of people. There were about 50 in line at any given time. Kendrick rarely signed with "All Star". Howie Kendrick was very friendly, so was his dog "Truck". I do hope they have another event like this next year.
  Due to the time I did not make it out to the Trumbo signing. But there was a good turnout. Robert, Art, Kenny, Doug thanks for making the wait fun. See you guys on the next one.


  1. Made it to the Aybar signing about 10 minutes before you arrived. Since he arrived early made it to the Trumbo signing and they cutoff about 2 people after me and my wife. They were hustling at Trumbo, no pictures, they were trying to hit as many people.

  2. Glad you made it Trumbo. Congrats on the huge score on two autographs. Dont be a stranger, stop by and say hi. Thanks for looking.